Interim Committee Meeting Odense, 2nd and 3rd November 2000 Print


Mary O'Hagan, New Zealand
Karl Bach Jensen, Denmark
Helen Connor, Australia
Iris Hölling, Germany
Masaji Koganezawa, Japan
WFMH Janet Meagher, Australia
Translator Shigeo Taguchi
Eva Hansen, LAP Denmark, temporary officer

No reply from:
Ismail Mokhar Abdelghani
Mike Meyer
Graca Fernandes
Maria Mar

Nils Gussing, IDF, had been invited but was unable to attend.

General information:

Mary O'Hagan informed about the situation in New Zealand. There is no single national organisation, most people work for the mental health organisations. There is a need for an independent organisation.

Masaji Koganezawa reported, that there are two national organisations in Japan, and he is the vice president of one of them.

Iris Hölling said that Germany has had a national organisation since 1991 with 600 members, including regional groups.

Helen Connor reported that the National Consumer Network in Australia was founded in 1996 with fundings from the state. There are 800 members.

Janet Meagher is a board member of WFMH, one of two consumers present. There are two competing groups of mental health organisations.

Karl Bach informed of LAP in Denmark. The organisation is 1½ years old, and there are two national organisations in Denmark.

Progress since Chile 1999

30.000 US$ has been received from IDF. The work has been described in so far two monthly reports. Mary O'Hagan and Karl Bach have participated in meetings in New York, previously reported. There have been several telephone conferences.
Statutes of WNUSP:

The interim committee is requested to find 2-3 proposals for new name before the first general assembly. Suggestions: MADPRIDE, INSIDE

Voting procedure:
To be defined before the General Assembly. Final statutes enclosed.

Action plan:
Final 3-year action plan enclosed.

First general assembly:
Janet Meagher will investigate the possibilities of finding room in connection with the WFMH Assembly in July 2001 in Vancouver.

The future of WNUSP:
Karl Bach pointed out the following scenarios:

   1. If WNUSP does not receive any more funding
   2. If WNUSP receives funding for 2001

In both cases the work will continue, and it is essential to find more people for the committee. If further funding is not found, it will not be possible to hold the general assembly in Vancouver. It will also be necessary for the committee members themselves to carry out the administrative work.

It is essential to get members now, to make WNUSP more attractive for funders.

Funding strategy:
Karl Bach and Mary O'Hagan will contact UN's Akido Ito at the seminar on human rights in Stockholm.

The interim committee expressed satisfaction with the administrative work so far and appointed Eva Hansen as secretary to WNUSP.

Web page:
Eva Hansen will contact Sylvia Caras in an attempt to get a more attractive and informative web page. Application for membership on this page available as well.


The interim committee will inform the secretariat if they have comments to the database contents.

Eva Hansen will send/e-mail a form to all the names, asking for information and interest in becoming a member of WNUSP.

Membership fee/year:

Individual members:
    US$ 10

Associate groups:
    US$ 10

Full members:
    US$ 25 (if below 100.000 US$ income)
US$ 50 (if above 100.000 US$ income)
US$ 100 (if above 1.000.000 US$ income)

Possibility to apply for concession.

Seminar in Stockholm:

Mary O'Hagan and Karl Bach will be present at the seminar on human rights from Sunday to Tuesday next week.

The seminar will contain tools/methods to highlight disability questions in the human rights field. Mary O'Hagan and Karl Bach will report via the mailing list from the seminar.

White Paper:
The European Council has made a document about psychiatry, intended to change previous papers on psychiatry given during the 80'es and 90'es. This White Paper introduces involuntary treatment without involuntary placement. LAP and ENUSP protest against this violation of our homes. It was decided that WNUSP agrees in this protest, and Eva Hansen sends a letter to the Council with copies to ENUSP and the IC mail list.


Jerome Mindes, International Working Group of Disability, has invited to a meeting in London 6th and 7th November. Janet Meagher will attend.

International Consortium has invited WNUSP to join - Helen Connor will make inquiries and report back on e-mail.

Brian Coopper: Eva Hansen contacts BC regarding 200 US$ which was collected in Chile.