Minutes of Board Meetings, November 28th 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Minutes of telephone conference

Friday 28th November  2003 at 15.00 Danish time

Participants:                         Iris Hölling,  Karl Bach, Sylvia Caras,  Tina Minkowitz 

                                            Eva Rasmussen (secr.)


Not present                          Mary O’Hagan,  Judi Chamberlin, Mari Yamamoto                                        Gabor Gombos 

Karl chaired the meeting.

 1.                   Congress 2004

Theme: This is a worldwide international conference, including two general assemblies for WNUSP and ENUSP, regional workshops and ½ day  members of the host organization: LAP.

  In order to make the announcement to members etc. the congress should have a title/theme.

Ideas:             Networking for (our) human rights

                      Together for (our) human rights

                      Together for (our) social justice

                      Our rights are human rights

 Tina and Sylvia will try to find more ideas to be mailed.

 Date and place:                 Saturday 17th July 2004       Date of arrival

                                            Sunday 18th July 2004

                                            Monday 19th July 2004

                                            Tuesday 20th July 2004

                                            Wednesday 21st July 2004   date of departure

                                             Vejle Idrætshøjskole, Denmark

 The board will arrive in Odense on Friday 16th July.

 ENUSP 100 participants? It must be expected that the majority of the participants will be from Europe, so the answer to Peter Lehman is yes, the board inclusive.

 Fundraising: Karl will apply for funding with the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs. The money for making the contract with the accomodation place is secured. Other ideas: A  Canadian Fund recommended by DPI .

 Working group: Karl,  Sylvia, Iris and Eva

 Meeting of the two boards:                    Peter Lehmann and Gabor Gombos

                                                                 the working group as a minimum.

 Suggested dates: February 2004                14th-15th OR 21st – 22nd

 Announcement: 1st announcement to be sent out to members before Christmas.  Also via partners e-mail lists (DPI, SCI, IDA, WHO). Sylvia can send via WFSMH. Karl and Eva will draft a newsletter.

 2nd Announcement should be sent out 4 months before the congress with detailed agendas.

 The official language will be English.

 The accessibility was discussed. It is the intention of the board to have all what is possible to make the event accessible to everybody, this should be stated in the announcements but is should also be mentioned, that the funding does not permit interpretators, sign language, braille etc. There will be a form in the first announcement, where people can put their accessibility needs.

 It is intended if possible to have the congress papers translated afterwards.

 2.                   Membership situation in Africa and Latin America

 Karl informed briefly about his visit in Uganda, attending a regional workshop and a steering committee meeting of the UNESCO Flagship: Inclusive Education for children with disabilities. In Kampala  good contacts were made to  association Uganda Mental Health , which is led by a user/survivor majority. Mental Health Uganda wants to join WNUSP and play the role as a focal point in the building of  an African user/survivor network.

 It was suggested that the US board members should go to Latin America, preferably Brazil, to make similar contacts. In order to be a worldwide NGO , it is necessary for us to have Latin American members. The board will gather appropriate addresses, also from Mexico and Argentina.

 In Kampala Karl had a good negotiation with Moira Jones from the DPI central office in Canada. DPI wants to strengthen the cooperation with WNUSP including an active WNUSP involvement in their world summit in Winnipeg, Canada, Sept. 2004.

 3.                   Approval of new board member

 Judi and Karl met Moosa Salie from Cape Mental Health Society, South Africa at the WHO meeting in Geneva , Oct. 30 –31. Moosa’s organization is already a WNUSP member and Moosa is interested in joining the WNUSP board. It was agreed to ask Moosa Salie, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , to join the board until the next general assembly. Tina will also contact him re the convention

 4.                   WHO Meeting

 Karl informed briefly about his participation in the preparatory meeting of a WHO working group for mental health service users. The leading staff of the WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Dependence hosted the meeting. Judi C. also attended the meeting representing Boston University. David Oaks represented Mind Freedom, SCI. The WHO suggested WNUSP and SCI to involve in their projects in Albania and India. Karl will ask for more information re  the project in India, Gabor Gombos will be asked to get in touch with the WHO re the project in Albania.

 5.                   Other Issues

 The OHCHR documents will be faxed to UN on Monday, December 01, 2003.


 Participation in the Qutar meeting was thoroughly discussed – Tina will decide what to do.


 Tina and Judi will participate in the Madrid meeting – agenda to be mailed to the board.


 Sylvia joins a meeting in Geneva – Disability Day. A number of folders will be sent directly from the secretariat to her address in Switzerland.