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"Networking for our Human Rights and Dignity". July 17 – 21, 2004 in Vejle (Denmark)


No. 2: How do we develop local, national and international groups of (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatry, find funding and use technical resources? Facilitator: Moosa Salie, South Africa
No. 3: With whom do we build coalitions and how do we proceed? Facilitator: Mary Nettle, England

Getting Help

No. 4: PDFThe medical model. Facilitator: Maths Jesperson, Sweden
No. 5: PDFAlternatives: What can we learn from traditional healing practices? Which alternative treatments exist and which do we support? How do we promote user run alternatives like the "runaway-houses" etc.? To what extent should we promote alternatives within the system? Facilitators: Bhargavi Davar, India
/ Daniel Iga Mwesigwa, Uganda
No. 6: PDFRecovery: What helps and what hinders recovery? How do we create recovery oriented support groups? How can we empower ourselves? Facilitator: Erik Olsen, Denmark

Human Rights

No. 7: PDFStrategies to influence and promote the UN convention on human rights and disability. Facilitator: Tina Minkowitz, USA
No. 8: Human Rights / What is coercion in psychiatry and how to fight against it? Facilitator: Gábor Gombos, Hungary
No. 9: How do existing laws affect our lives and how do we influence legislation? Facilitator: Piotr Iwaneyko, Poland


No. 10: Story exchange - sharing what has happened in our lives due to being in the psychiatric system in order to create a list of things that have been helpful. Facilitator:
No. 11: Shame - is this how it feels to be mentally unwell in my society and culture? How does having a mental illness label make you feel? Facilitator: Kay Sheldon, England
No. 12: Nothing about us without us - what does it take to feel included in your society and culture? Can you achieve your ambitions? Facilitator: Laurie Ahern, USA