Videos from the general assembly in Vejle

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Interviews with some of the delegates


Chris Hansen, New Zealand Discrimination is very wide spread

Tina Minkowitz, USA: We have asked for less than what we really want

Sylvester Katontoka,  Zambia: There is a lot of hate

Gabor Gombos, Hungary: Still use of cage-beds

Tina Minkowitz, WNUSP, USA: Disability and mental illness

 Leopoldo Isaac Gurovich, Argentina: We will be pushed out

Janet Amegatcher, Ghana: Human rights and law

Edah Maina, Kenya: Users need to understand their rights

Tina Minkowitz, WNUSP, USA: The National Level is the most important

Tina Minkowitz, WNUSP, USA: International Comitee for Violation of Human Rights



Mari Yamamoto, Japan: Some people are hospitalized for 50 years

Achmat Moosa Salie, South Africa People being beated up by staff

Chris Hansen, New Zealand: Things wrong with treatment in New Zealand

Sylvester Katontoka, Zambia: Treatment is hindering recovery

Inge Nitter, Norway The system think medicin is the best help, we can get

Stephanus Binder, Austria: The staff do not only want to harm us

Stephanus Binder, Austria: A lot of people need medication

Marissa Guillen, Costa Rica: I can save my self by taking pills

Mari Yamamoto, Japan: Private hospitals have great power in Japan

Malta Rita Formosa, Malta People get support from their families

Alexandre Soldatov, Rumania: Dominated by powerty

Achmat Moosa Salie, South Africa Attempt to move services to the community

Mari Yamamoto, Japan Much money in forced treatment

Gabor Gombos, Hungary: Only old forms of treatment

Chris Hansen, New Zealand: People with personal experiences in the health system



Gabor Gombos, Hungary Pensions are very low

Leonardos Skordos, Greece: Not easy to find jobs


Usermovements - national and international

Mari Yamamoto, Japan: We had no voice of our own

Janet Amegatcher, Ghana: Users and survivors have to come together

Edah Maina, Kenya:  We have to get together

Tina Minkowitz, WNUSP, USA: Human rights also important in developing countries

Sylvester Katontoka, Zambia: We have a speciel knowledge

Achmat Moosa Salie, South Africa: Don´t be sponsored by medical compagnies

Alexandre Soldatov, Rumania: Encouraged to meet

Gabor Gombos, Hungary: We need to find allied

Malta Rita Formosa, Malta: There is a lot of stigma


Clips from Judi Chamberlains opening speech:

Informal relationships
We are strong

Clips From Gabor Gombos opening speech:


Clips from Karl Bachs opening speech:

Views on users in different parts of the world
Agree the most
Assembled for the first time
Personal experience


Inge Nitter, Norway:

When I am angry I have to be calm Modem version


Tina Minkowitz, USA:  

We have to accept responsability 

We can never go back

We need to let them know

Runar Haukson Keep the strong words where they belong modem

Stephanus Binder from OÖ. Initiative Psychiatrie-Erfahrer

on the topics:
Give your anger direction to move forward
Why it is important with dialog
What makes users passive
How starting in the usermovement helped him

Sylvester Katontoka from Mental Health Users Network of Zambia:

Commitment and responsabillity
The struggle is going to continue

Marissa Guillen from Costa Rica with her story on how USA treats people with mental dissabilities:

They ripped my visa Modem version

Discussions arround a table on the topics:

There comes a point where dialog and cooperation must stop Modem
My wife was my most important therapist Modem
Socialworkers who always know better  Modem version

Mats Jesperson Sweden,  explaining about how people are put into cages in India:

People in cages Modem version

Recovery Workshop lead by Erik Olsen, LAP Denmark

Courses  Modem version

We have strong experiences modem